LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS Launches iPad® Application for Clients and Advisors

Released on: October 09, 2012, 1:15 pm
Industry: Financial, International Trade, Management

LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad Gives Advisors the Freedom to Run Their Business Anywhere

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Clients and Advisors that custody with LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS can now access critical market and client account information on the go with the new LiveInvest® Mobile App for iPad. LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS has combined the power of its trading and account management platform, LiveInvest®, with the freedom of mobile.

With LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad, advisors can access client account details including balances, transactions and client profile information as well as real time market data, news and alerts. Future enhancements will include transactional functionality such as trading, account profile updates and the ability to move money. Clients and advisors who custody assets with LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS can download LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad.

"LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad is specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad's sleek design, touch screen display and intuitive interface, delivering a high-performance user-friendly experience advisors have come to expect from LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS Institutional," said Jon Lik, director, technology product management, LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS. "Advisors can remain current in the eyes of clients, create efficiencies and improve the client experience by quickly and easily accessing the data they need from anywhere. Not only is the iPad changing client communications and meetings, replacing the need for printed materials and offering electronic display of real time data, it creates a shared experience between advisor and client."

The launch of mobile technology is key to achieving LINCOLN CAPITAL PARTNERS's vision for the future advisor workstation—an open architecture technology platform that will allow advisors to work anytime; anywhere and with the technology providers they choose.

"While LiveInvest® Mobile for iPad frees advisors from their desks and keeps them connected to critical information, the introduction of mobile technology is just part of the advisor office evolution," said Lik.

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