Click Fit Laminate Flooring From Beautiful Flooring Direct

Released on: October 29, 2012, 12:37 pm
Industry: Real Estate

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The world of floor boarding has changed over the years as wood has become ever more expensive it is difficult to justify the cost of exotic wood floors planed and polished to give an attractive wood floor finish. The use of a laminate flooring system has allowed this type of finish to be achieved at a far reduced cost but with an appearance that looks equally as good as a finished solid wood floor.

Beautiful Flooring Direct is now providing an excellent service in supplying laminates of many different types of woods to be used at an extremely advantageous price. The laminates work with a very strong wood substrate to which a top laminate veneer is supplied, the types of materials that are used on the Beautiful Flooring Direct range of materials are of the highest qualities and it should be possible to source any finish that is required.

One of the major problems with the present laminate system is that they work on a tongued and grooved edging system where the joint is made by pushing the tongue into the groove after a small amount of glue is placed into the groove and or tongue and then the two parts are stuck together. This makes a very strong joint but it has two disadvantages, the first being that to make the joint in this fashion is time consuming and the second is that it is difficult to dismantle if there is a problem at a later date.

The Beautiful Flooring Direct Company now supplies the “Click– Fit” system which moves the laminate flooring on to a completely new level. The joining system is exactly as it says, when the tongue is pushed into the groove no glue is required and the tongue just clicks into position in the groove and is held firmly into position by the neatly designed “click system” This system now requires no gluing and the speed of fitting is very fast and the accuracy of the design makes a very fine joint with no gaps between adjacent pieces. Probably one of the best advantages is that any changes can be accommodated fairly easily although there may be some edge damage.

The quality click floor tiles supplied by Beautiful Flooring Direct can all be purchased on the internet and the excellent design of the Beautiful Flooring Direct web site gives a full description of all the products available and any questions can be directed to the sales staff by email or telephone. It is essential to fit these floors correctly and the company will be delighted to assist in any way possible to ensure a great finish. Beautiful Flooring Direct recommends that any click–fit laminate flooring is placed in the room where it is to be fitted to allow it to get to the typical room temperature. This will limit the amount of expansion of the laminates during the typical working day, fitting will usually include at least 8mm (More than ¼ inch) of expansion gap all around the room to take up extra expansion. To cover this expansion gap Beautiful Flooring Direct recommends that the skirting board is removed wherever possible to cover this gap at all times. Get clicked in with Beautiful Flooring Direct.

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