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Released on: November 27, 2012, 3:53 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Are you fed up of searching for cheap MP3’s online only to find that site after site simply fails to deliver what you are after in terms of price, or music variety and quality? Maybe you are also fed up of signing up to MP3 membership sites, but then they fail to give you access to any decent MP3’s and you are left feeling ripped off. Well, then maybe it’s time you visited

This new look website has been setup by people just like you who were fed up with wasting endless hours on the Internet looking for low cost MP3’s only to come across site after site that failed to live up to expectations.

Basically they have taken the hassle out of searching for low cost MP3’s online by searching the Internet for websites supplying cheap MP3’s that really do deliver. They do this by spending their own money by joining up to download sites, and then test the service on your behalf to see if the cheap MP3 website in question offers you good value for money or not. They spend their money so you don’t have to.

On their MP3 website you will find a wide range of impartial reviews of websites offering you low cost MP3’s. The best thing is the reviewers only pick sites that offer 100% legal and cheap mp3 downloads, so you won’t sign up to a new service and then find yourself accused of illegal file sharing at a later date. Many of the sites reviewed are based and licensed in Russia, which due to the music licensing laws there, means they offer totally legal chart MP3’s at incredibly cheap prices.

Indeed the cheap music download sites that can be found on the Buy Cheap MP3’s website, offer music track’s at great prices with whole albums of CD quality music available to legally download from as low as $1 per album. Imagine how much money you can save by not paying out up to $20 for every new album you want to download?

The great thing about this new MP3 website though is the quality of reviews. Each MP3 website is reviewed for not just the quality and range of MP3’s on offer, but other factors, such as does the website offer a wide range of different genres from hip hop to classical music? How easy does the sites design make it to navigate? Also, most importantly the value for money per track that the website offers. Which, after all is a key factor when you’re seeking to buy cheap MP3ís.

The impartial reviews take you beyond the hype and the fancy graphics, and tell you which sites deliver the goods at a low price and legally.

They also score the websites based upon the all important “Download Speed”, as the guys running recognise that not every one has 50Mb, or even 20Mb download speeds at home, and they believe that the best priced MP3’s in the World aren’t that great if they take forever to download.

The BuycheapMP3’s website and the great reviews you find on it, is extremely easy to navigate and you won’t have to signup to anything to get access to the details that you need to make just the right decision as to where to buy new MP3’s from. Using this site will save you hours of time and wasted money, as they personally try out each service before they give you their verdict on it.

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