Jobboard Technology Partnership: JXT & carecareers

Released on: November 28, 2012, 2:37 pm
Industry: Human Resources

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Background: carecareers
The community care & disability sector is one of the largest, and fastest growing employment categories in Australia. Through a host of not-for-profit, government and private employers, the sector provides services to improve the quality of life for people who need care and support.

The role of carecareers - managed by National Disability Services (NDS) and NSW government funded - is to enable qualified talent to find suitable jobs in the care & disability sector. In this pivotal role, carecareers brings together employers and candidates to help meet the needs of an increasing number of individuals needing care and support.

The Problem: carecareers
carecareers has a critical industry role, in helping to improve the attraction, engagement and retention of talent in the disability sector; of helping employers showcase their offer and value to candidates in the industry; and to support an engaged and sustainable talent pool to meet the current and future hiring needs of industry employers.

The problem was, carecareers, although supported by an outstanding brand marketing and mainstream media advertising push, fell short when it came to their jobboard technology.

The issue was of carecareers' own making. When the project was initiated, carecareers wanted to keep open a number of options including potential operation as a full-service recruitment agency. This resulted in investment in a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System with a range of capabilities that carecareers was ultimately unable to exploit. As carecareers developed, its priorities firmed and it became clear that what was needed most was software that enabled carecareers to match the service of the best job sites on the market.

The Solution: JXT
As a result, carecareers engaged JXT to provide a new jobboard platform. Through a complete integration with carecareers' existing website, including applicant tracking, JXT have introduced best-practice jobboard technology to carecareers.

What does this mean for the community care & disability sector?

- More clients are able to feature roles in the carecareers portal as the process has been vastly simplified

- carecareers can own their jobboard URL (rather than it remaining with the jobboard provider) which means the roles are highly optimised for search engines

- Better SEO of roles, means greater exposure for clients with quality candidates coming through

- Better SEO also means candidates are able to more effectively find the right jobs for them

- Google recently announced that over 20% of jobseekers use mobile to search for jobs: carecareers can now capitalise on this search behaviour. Previously, the carecareers site wasn't optimised for mobile

- carecareers' hiring process is now optimised for social media: another critical environment to capture the attention of existing industry employees, and newcomers to the care & disability industry

- A true industry jobboard has been born: due to the 'open' nature of JXT's jobboard software, the carecareers platform is now available for a broader scope of potential industry employers to advertise roles

The Feedback: carecareers
With the implementation of JXT's technology, carecareers can see the potential scope for broadening their industry reach to more employers, more candidates.

'This is an exciting move for the care & disability industry. JXT's jobboard platform has opened up our services to more employers, more candidates, and more mediums including social media, mobile and search.

Thanks to JXT, we're able to give candidates a vastly superior hiring experience. This is a true win-win for everyone involved.

We foresee significant, sustained growth of this important service to the care & disability community.'

About JXT:
JXT ( is Australia's only provider of integrated digital recruitment solutions. From jobboard technology, web design & SEO for hiring, to social media recruiting, mobile & email marketing, JXT provides any organisation looking to hire, with the best market coverage to capture the attention of candidates.

Proprietary jobboard software is the cornerstone of JXT's business: a transparent SAAS-based solution, that's seamlessly integrated into web and applicant tracking technology for over 300 organisations in Australia.

About carecareers
carecareers ( is a NSW state-government funded, not-for-profit initiative, established by National Disability Services (NDS) NSW to improve attraction, hiring and retention of talent within the disability and community care sector. carecareers' mandate is to grow the pool of talent available to industry employers and it achieves this through strategic recruitment, marketing & communications initiatives.

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