Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Light Up With Wylex Consumer Units

Released on: November 22, 2012, 7:45 am
Industry: Electronics

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Lamp Post Electrical Supplies now stock a fantastic range of electrical goods for supply to the power distribution business and the Wylex range of products are great example of just how good that range is. Wylex are particularly noted for their range of high class consumer units and the quality belies the fact that they are extremely competitively priced and of a major significance to the market place. Lamp Post Electrical Supplies can supply the full range of Wylex consumer units and if the user cannot find what is required on the internet then a simple phone call to the company will get the full details of the range of the products and also give a delivery date. Invariably the products can be supplied off the shelf.

The Wylex consumer units are extremely well made and the choice of units is almost too large but this market place is difficult as there are so many different requirements and Wylex and Lamp Post Electrical Supplies are pleased to be able to supply all the differing needs.

One of the most pleasing things from the point of view of Lamp Post Electrical Supplies is that the Wylex consumer units now have so much versatility built into them. All of the Wylex consumer units conform to the 17th Edition regulations and all new consumer units are fitted to these regulations but Wylex have moved on and offer the user the ability to introduce a far greater degree of protection than the regulations require. The Wylex consumer units can be either a split load system where certain circuits are ganged together with each gang to be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) or they can be individually protected circuits with an RCD on each or more preferably a Residual Current Breaker with Overload Protection (RCBO) micro circuit breaker on each circuit. The RCD protects against current leakage to earth and the RCBO protects against current leakage to earth and also overcurrent conditions as well. The idea that every circuit is individually protected by an RCBO is something that Lamp Post Electrical - - is very keen to promote. The savings in injury and death from electrocution cannot be underestimated and is worth the effort and expense, although the expense is not at all large.

The versatility is such that a Lamp Post supplied consumer unit can be set up so that the critical circuits can be individually set up and the others put into a split load system, but whatever is required it is simple as easy to purchase and install. The cost of these units, and a unit is often the consumer unit with no circuit breakers, is particularly competitive at present. Circuit breakers are bought to suit the circuits that are required within the house for power socket, lighting and special circuits like burglar and fire alarm systems. Lamp Post will assist on all enquiries whether by internet or phone and advise just what can be achieved with the different options available. It is an ideal time to change any consumer unit that does not conform to the 17th edition regulations.

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